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Most people who have yet to retire have a somewhat vague idea that someday they will stop working and hopefully enjoy a long, healthy and prosperous retirement. The scare-tactic headlines in the popular financial press keep reminding us that there is a massive shortfall between what people should be saving, and what they actually are.

Retirement planning has traditionally meant paying into a pension of some kind, be it a company scheme or a personal one. Even after the recent introduction of legislation called Pensions Simplification, this remains a vastly complex area. The ‘A-day’ changes have introduced some opportunities as well, which you could well be placed to utilise.

In truth, pensions are only one way to save for retirement and there are many more options to consider. We will help you to build a portfolio of investment vehicles with which to realise your financial independence.

When you decide to retire, the options available to you are many and complex. We have the expertise to guide you through the maze to ensure you receive the maximum tax-efficient income and preserve your pension fund for your dependants as far as allowable.

Jacksons has one of the finest reputations in the county for expertise in the field of pensions, and for retirement planning in general.

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